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Our Optical Department contains a boutique-style dispensary with frames from the top designers in eyewear. Whether you’re after a classic, timeless look or a trendy, bold expression, our dispensary has something for your individual style!

Our optical has chosen to promote and carry brands that best serve our patients. The companies we support offer the greatest value because they only design and produce spectacles (Not handbags, watches, perfume or shoes!)

Their factories only make a single, distinctive brand. Think: Salt, Face a Face, Theo, Iyoko Inyake!

Goodbye Coach, Versace and Chanel… The makers of such frames don’t really even design the frames, they just buy the rights to use a luxury brand name. Ahem, Tiffany & Co.

Others are mass produced. Often the same shape and color of a frame will be “discontinued” and then renamed by a different “designer” name that they own the rights to.

When frames are made in smaller batches they offer superior craftsmanship, more unique styles and most importantly, don’t force you, the wearer, to parade their logo on your face.

When you pay for quality products, they serve you better by lasting longer. So if your vision plan only offers a frame every 2 years, will “their” frame hold up that long?

We’ve seen a lot fewer busted hinges, snapped temples and lost screws since making these changes. Superior frames require less frequent adjustments too.

We believe you’ll see and feel the difference.

See something you love? Stop in anytime, no appointment needed!